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IPPR wins bid for Comoros stadium project



Recently, China IPPR International Engineering Co won the bid for the Comoros Moroni stadium project, reported on Jan 19.

The design takes advantage of space and combines local culture and climate features. The design has received favorable comments because of its proper functions and natural shape, making it another sports construction masterpiece for foreign aid by the company.

The stadium occupies 82,545 square meters with a capacity of 10,000 audience members. It includes a small football pitch, training tracks and an outdoor parking lot. The total floor area of the project is 4,350 square meters with its highest building reaching 19 meters. The grandstand adapts a reinforced concrete frame structure, and the awning uses a steel frame membrane structure. The total investment is about 180 million yuan ($28.78 million).

Wining the bid for the project consolidates the position of the company in the field of foreign aid sports construction. At the same time, the stadium will become another impressive building of the company in Africa. With its natural shape and comfortable environment, the Comoros Moroni stadium is expected to be the landmark of the country as well as the symbol of the firm friendship between China and Comoros.

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